Buying A Horse

For many riders owning their own horse is their ultimate dream. However, before buying a horse for the first time check out the advice and tips provided in our guides to the costs involved, understanding horse for sale adverts, enquiring and viewing a horse, the vetting procedure, sample sales contract and more.

Buying A Horse

Considerations Prior To Buying A Horse

Before buying a horse there are many things to consider carefully such as the costs, the time and commitment involved and where to keep the horse so check out this guide to the needs of a horse or pony.

Costs Of Buying A Horse

Finding the right horse can be a long and costly process so before starting your search be prepared for the costs involved in finding the perfect horse.

Cost Of Owning A Horse

Before buying a horse it is important to consider the costs of owning a horse and this guide details the average regular costs involved in keeping a horse.

Understanding Horse For Sale Adverts

There are many terms and abbreviations used in horse for sale adverts.  Check out our guide to the more common abbreviations and phrases used in horse for sale adverts.

Deciding On The Type Of Horse To Buy

Before looking through horse for sale adverts decide on the type of horse to buy and make up a list of criteria with the help of our guide.

Places To Buy A Horse

When looking to buy a new horse there are a few places to consider and our guide details each to help you decide which are the best places to consider.

Enquiring About A Horse For Sale

Before enquiring about a horse advertised for sale make a list of questions to ask the seller and have this list to hand together with a pen to write down the answers when calling about the horse.  Our guide provides a checklist of questions to ask.

Vetting A Horse

A pre-purchase vetting is a sensible precaution when buying a horse as a vetting can not only identify any existing health problems with a horse but may also identify potential health risks. Our guide details the stages and procedure for a horse vetting.

Viewing A Horse For Sale

Viewing a potential new horse can be an exciting experience and it is always a good idea to take an experienced advisor along when viewing a horse advertised for sale who can look at the horse totally objectively.  Read our advice about what to check when viewing the horse.

Horse Purchase Agreement

A sample horse sale contract template for guidance only.  Legal advice should be sought to ensure that that any written agreement is legally binding.