About Horses

About Horses

Find information about horses and ponies including the domestication history of horses, horse and pony breeds, colours and markings of horses and more.

The domestication of the horse dates back to around 6000-5500 BC and has had a significant impact of many aspects of human history and culture.   Check out our information relating to the domestication history of the horse.

Check out the scientific classification of horses within the Mammalia class.

Check out these diagrams showing the points of a horse and a horse skeleton.

Horses are traditionally measured in hands, although may also be measured in centimetres. Check out our guide on how to measure a horse and our hands to cm conversion chart.

Various terms are used to describe male and female horses of different ages.  Check out our guide to the horse terminology used to indicate a horse's gender and age.

An understanding of a horse's natural behaviour and communication can help to develop a trusting relationship with a horse, be used as an aid in training a horse, help to avoid behavioural problems and determine when a horse is happy, angry, relaxed, scared or in pain.

Horses exist in a range of colours together with a variety of coat patterns, head and leg markings.  Check out our guides to horse colours, coat patterns and markings.

There are many horse and pony breeds throughout the world. Check out our breed profiles to some of the more common breeds.